What are digital marketing services?

Digital marketing services are a strategic, measurable way to grow your business through the power of the internet. Some of the most in-demand services include search engine optimisation (SEO)social media managementpay-per-click (PPC) advertising, as well as other techniques like link building and content creation. There’s a reason why these particular digital marketing services garner the most attention: It’s because they have proven to drive significant results for businesses. For example, 89% of marketers say SEO succeeds in helping businesses increase online visibility. Meanwhile, a report finds that PPC campaigns increase brand awareness by as much as 80%.

Any of these services can benefit your business alone, depending on what your business needs. For example, if your business needs an immediate competitive edge, PPC is the most cost-effective advertising strategy with an average return of $8 for every dollar spent on Google Ads. If you need to improve your online presence by interacting and engaging with your audience, then social media management might be the best for you. But in combination, digital marketing services work even better.

Top4 Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency with over twenty years of experience in the industry. That means we know the ins and outs of SEO, PPC and many other aspects of digital marketing to grow your business effectively. Our digital marketing company can help you choose marketing strategies that fit your business, plan your budget and bring in more revenue than ever before. View our digital marketing pricings and packages or get in touch today to speak with a strategist about how we can help you.

Digital marketing services that drive more revenue

Our digital marketing services will help you increase leads, sales and revenue. Our digital marketing agency builds a custom strategy to help you achieve your digital marketing goals. As a professional and experienced digital marketing company, we provide data-driven insights from Google AI and use some of the best third-party tools in the industry, all backed by guarantees to support your success. Browse some of our award-winning digital marketing services below or view our complete pricing and packages.

Why should your business use digital marketing services?

Digital marketing is no longer a luxury. It’s now a necessary ingredient for success in any industry. In today’s digital world, almost 50% of the world’s population makes an internet search daily. And you can bet that figure is only rising. In other words, if your business is not online, you could be missing out on a ton of website traffic and increased conversions. That's where digital marketing comes into play.

If you don't have a sound digital marketing plan, it will be extremely difficult to reach interested customers online. As such, digital marketing has grown into a primary marketing channel for businesses of all sizes. When you are able to combine the power of digital marketing with traditional channels, your success is guaranteed.

Ultimately, the reason why it’s important to use digital marketing services is because they offer tangible benefits for your business. They can help you make better decisions about your digital marketing strategy, they can provide guidance on how to supplement your in-house resources and they can help you measure the success of your efforts.

Digital marketing campaigns are nothing if you can’t measure them. To measure the success of digital marketing services, our digital marketing agency focuses on three metrics: traffic, engagement and conversion. Traffic measures how many people we've reached through your custom digital marketing strategies. Engagement is a measure of how much your audience is interacting with your ads or posts by liking or commenting on them—or even talking about your brand on your social networks. Conversion is related to the ability of your campaigns to turn visitors into customers. As a professional digital marketing company, Top4 Marketing understands that all the traffic and engagement in the world won’t do any good to you if no one is buying your products or filling out contact forms. This is why the last metric is what we put most emphasis on in our campaigns.

But it can be difficult to know where to start, let alone how to measure the results of your efforts. Furthermore, the digital landscape is constantly changing every now and then so it can be challenging to keep up with all the changes and updates. The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert in SEO, social media and other aspects of digital marketing in order to make it work for your business. You just need the right digital marketing company on your side. That’s where Top4 Marketing comes in.

Our digital marketing company can help you create a cohesive strategy that will drive leads and increase revenue. Our team of seasoned digital marketers know what works best on search engines like Google and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We know what kind of content is most shareable on sites like Twitter or LinkedIn. And we know how to effectively use visual content on platforms like Pinterest or Instagram Stories. Our digital marketing strategists also understand how to integrate traditional methods with digital methods to ensure your reach is maximised while maintaining brand consistency throughout all channels.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency to help with online marketing for your business in Australia or Indonesia, you can trust us to get you started. Top4 Marketing is a full-service digital marketing company with over twenty years of experience in the industry.  We’ve worked with some of Australia and Indonesia’s most successful companies, servicing businesses in Australia’s major cities including Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane – all regions and cities of Australia. View our digital marketing pricings and packages or get in touch today to speak with a strategist about how we can help you.

How much should a company spend on digital marketing?

How much you should spend on marketing depends on several factors. The first one would be what your marketing budget includes. Every marketing budget is different but most include website maintenance, marketing software, etc. Company size is also another important factor to keep in mind when deciding how much you should spend on marketing. Depending on the size of your business, you can calculate what percentage of sales should be spent on marketing. Another important factor to consider how much a business should spend on marketing is the industry it operates in. Some industries like consumer services and education allocate more than 10% of their revenue for marketing, while others like construction and manufacturing only allocate as many as 2-3% of their revenue for marketing.

However much you choose to spend on marketing, you'll want to make the most of it. But these days online channels are the most effective way to do marketing. Top4 Marketing is here to help you get the best results for your business through our digital marketing agency. We have helped businesses of all sizes, whether you’re located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth -- all regions and cities of Australia or Indonesia. What kind of digital marketing services do you need? View our digital marketing pricings and packages or get in touch today to speak with a strategist about how we can help you.

Is it better to hire an agency or do digital marketing in-house?

In-house marketing is carried out by an internal marketing team, which is maintained by your company. By contrast, hiring a digital marketing agency means you use an external or outsourced marketing team to market your business. Both hiring a digital marketing company or in-house marketing come with pros and cons.

With in-house marketers, you can work with people who are already familiar with your product or service. You can also easily access your marketing team, i.e.you just walk over to their desk or office. This is easier for those who love having a complete level of control over your marketing strategies. And since they’re in-house, your marketing team focuses 100% on your business and that means you have a team all to yourself.

However, building an in-house marketing team requires a huge investment of time. And maintaining it would not be the cheapest investment. A digital marketing manager would cost you $65,000 a year, while digital marketing, social media or SEO specialists would cost you around $48-49,000 a year. Not to mention additional costs that come with maintaining an in-house department, like taxes, insurance, retirement plans and even relevant equipment and softwares. And lastly, with in-house staff comes employee turnovers.

When you hire a digital marketing agency, on the other hand, you can focus on running your own business and let your digital marketing partner handle your marketing needs. A digital marketing company should have expertise in the field and industry so they’re more likely to have the latest technological resources available. Working with a seasoned digital marketing partner can help your business get the most value and return on investment (ROI) from digital marketing. If you're trying to maximise your marketing budget, an experienced digital marketing agency is your answer.

Your business may be able to handle a marketing campaign on its own if you are a small business with few clients. Conversely, if you’re a small business looking to scale up, then a digital marketing agency might be your best bet.

Regardless of how big and what type of company your business is, working on digital marketing for your business on your own is challenging and time-consuming. Let us take the stress out of digital marketing by taking care of it for you! Top4 Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency with over twenty years of experience in the industry. That means we know the ins and outs of SEO, PPC and many other aspects of digital marketing to grow your business effectively. Hire our digital marketing company for only 1/3 cost of employing an inhouse digital marketing team. View our digital marketing pricings and packages or get in touch today to speak with a strategist about how we can help you.

Partner with Top4 Marketing for your digital marketing needs

Say goodbye to sleepless nights! Whether you’re a startup looking to get on the ground running or an established business in need of marketing maintenance, Top4 Marketing can help grow your business. Our proven digital marketing strategies have helped hundreds of businesses in Australia, Indonesia and the rest of the world grow their bottom line and establish an authoritative online presence.

Our team of industry experts has more than twenty years of experience in everything from website design and development to SEO and social media and content marketing. This ensures that we have the expertise necessary to provide your company with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy tailored specifically for your needs.

We have the know-how to take your business from start-up or small business to global player. We service businesses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth – all regions and cities of Australia. As our digital marketing agency grows, we have opened an office in Surabaya, Indonesia to serve the growing APAC region. In fact, many companies we've worked with have seen significant growth within just several months. Let us help you seize all the opportunities that await you by providing your company with a customised digital marketing strategy today! To get started, view our digital marketing pricings and packages and select relevant digital marketing services your business needs. Or if you don’t know where to start, why not get in touch today? Our strategist will walk you through how we can help grow your business.


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