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How did we build brand awareness for an emerging slimming tea brand to reach more local customers?


How did we build brand awareness for an emerging slimming tea brand to reach more local customers?


Lariskin emerged as a distinguished detox tea manufacturer, introducing the world to its flagship product, Slimming Tea Laristee. Crafted from 100% natural herbal ingredients, including Chinese teak leaves, chamomile, and ginger, Lariskin's Slimming Tea Laristee is not just a herbal potion for weight loss but also a robust detoxifying agent. This health drink, although a fresh entrant in the slimming tea segment in Indonesian marketplace, quickly captured attention for its effective, toxin-cleansing properties and unique blend.



Social Media

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Digital Marketing Challenge

Lariskin, a newcomer in the detox tea industry, faced challenges in establishing a strong brand identity in a competitive market for slim tea and detox tea products. Their flagship product, Slimming Tea Laristee, needed effective branding to stand out in the detox tea segment. With limited online presence, it was difficult to showcase the unique benefits of its detox tea and drive sales. To address these issues, Lariskin partnered with Top4 for digital marketing solutions.

Our Digital Marketing Solution

To overcome these challenges, we executed a dynamic digital marketing strategy to establish Slimming Tea Laristee as a leading brand in the slim tea and detox tea market. This included crafting a unique brand identity to captivate health enthusiasts seeking effective detox tea options. We initiated social media accounts to boost awareness within the slim tea and detox tea community. Our content blended engaging design with informative detox tea benefits, captivating and educating the audience. Additionally, we launched the brand on Shopee and Tokopedia, with tailored optimisations, boosting visibility and sales in these key slim tea and detox tea segments.


Visits on Top4 Platform within three weeks


increased Instagram accounts impressions within two weeks


Facebook posts’ organic reach within three months


increased engagements on local marketplace platforms

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