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How did a local perfume brand establish itself and generate consistent sales in Indonesia's saturated perfumery market?

ED Luxury Perfume

Social Media Marketing - ED Luxury Perfume


ED Luxury Perfume offers a luxurious and long-lasting fragrance experience. With a keen understanding of individual fragrance preferences, we've created five distinct ranges, each offering a unique olfactory journey. From fruity and floral to confident and captivating blends, our perfumes are crafted with love and dedication. ED Luxury is more than a fragrance; it's a celebration of your unique story and unforgettable moments. Explore our diverse collection on its Shopee store!

Digital Marketing Challenge

ED Luxury Perfume embarked on its journey in a market already teeming with well-known local perfume brands. The primary hurdle was establishing a comprehensive brand identity that resonated in this saturated of local perfumery. Lacking an online presence was a significant barrier, especially in a digital era where online visibility is crucial, particularly for local perfume businesses. The challenge extended beyond mere recognition; the brand needed to make impactful sales and secure a foothold in the market. Standing out among numerous competitors and converting recognition into revenue became the crux of ED Luxury Perfume’s initial struggles.

Our Digital Marketing Solution

Our team of creatives developed the local perfumery branding from scratch using AI, crafting a unique logo and brand persona that captivated its audience. We launched targeted ads for high visibility and strategically entered Indonesia's online marketplaces like Shopee, leveraging their vast reach. Our involvement in twin date shopping festivals and live sessions, coupled with influencer partnerships, significantly enhanced our market presence. This comprehensive strategy not only heightened brand recognition in the competitive local perfumery landscape but also secured consistent sales, establishing ED Luxury Perfume as a brand in the local perfumery scene.


Organic account reach on Instagram within three months


Business Profile Interactions within a month


Total visits on Top4 within month


Increase on ecommerce sales

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