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How Top4 Help Cake Mania in Parramatta, NSW Drove Engagement and Business Leads

Cake Mania

Cake Shop Parramatta


Cake Mania is a premier cake shop in Parramatta that offers the most delicious and fresh cakes at the affordable price. Our range of egg-less, sugar-free, nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan cakes pastries retain the great taste of our standard products.

Cake Mania is all about making special cakes, and it doesn't matter what special means to you. It could be a special occasion, a dietary requirement you may have, or anything else in between. Whatever the reason, we are more than happy to create the perfect pastry for you.

As a pastry chef with over twenty-five years of experience, Wayne Jacka has narrowed down the baking of my pastries to a fine form. Everything that we bake is of restaurant quality and tastes like it came fresh from your nana's kitchen. We bake fresh on-site on any occasion or dietary requirements.


    Cake Mania Offers:


   •   Anniversary Cakes

   •   Baby Shower Cakes

   •   Slices & Biscuits

   •   Birthday Cakes

   •   Christening Cakes

   •   and much more!



Planning to have a delicious cake for your birthday, wedding or anniversary? Come and visit Cake Mania today!


Cake Mania

Our Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Challenge

As Cake and bakery services and businesses start to grow their customer's engagement through the online platform, Cake Mania as a premier cake shop in Parramatta that offers the most delicious and fresh cakes for any occasion approached Top4 to develop their digital marketing campaign to ensure that their businesses drove more customer's engagement as well as increase their presence in the first page of search engine results.

Our Digital Marketing Solution

Once the Top4 platform was launched, we continued to work on the SEO visibility for Cake Mania. This work is ongoing trying to improve key ranking areas. Top4 developed the tone of voice for the brand and composed all the content throughout the platform, supporting content to ensure the new platform drove engagement and business leads.


Total visits on Top4 platform

86,5 %

Increase in search discovery on google my business


Total views on google my business


Total photo views on google my business

Cake Mania Parramatta

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Local marketing is used primarily by small businesses with a single location or outlet and having a complete digital strategy and local marketing agency is the best way to get ahead of the competition.

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