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So you ask, what exactly is Content Marketing? Here at Top4 Marketing, we have developed a sound marketing strategy for your business content.

Content marketing is the calculated placement of your content, whether it be goods or services, purchased outright or downloadable. It’s designed to analyze the way content marketing is used across the customer’s buying journey, and the customer’s buying experience. In essence, a content marketing strategy examines how content marketing (not content) can be used in a strategic way as such, and with other marketing, customer and sales strategies.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy concerns itself with the vision—the ins and outs of how and why your content will be fashioned, accomplished, and archived or updated. It looks at all of the content your customers will meet. It overlaps with content marketing, but they are not the same thing.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing focuses on the strategy and implementation—the actual creation, curation, and editing of content that's specifically created for the purposes of marketing. This could be anything from blog posts to the confirmation page, and is aimed at building a trusted connection between a company's products or services, and the consumers that might purchase them. It's about creating unique content that people not only want to consume, but that will also help them through the sales process.

In order to have a successful content marketing campaign, you must have a documented strategy clearly in place. There are simple methods with which to accomplish this:


1) Find out who your audience is. You must be very specific. You may have to do research by means of analytical reports, Facebook Audience Insights, your competitors case studies, etc. You’ll need to know certain things about them such as:


  • What do your customers want?
  • What questions are they asking?
  • What phrases are they entering in search?
  • Where are they spending their time online?

2) Where will you find your audience? Discover channels, perhaps only one or two to start with, that your prospective customers might come across your content. Again, do your homework. Look for them on social media, create posts in what your potential consumers are interested in, relevant Facebook and LinkedIn groups, make a concerted effort to answer every email sent to you.

Get More Traffic

Content marketing starts with organic or natural traffic. This means users have come to your site through non-paid for advertising. We here in Sydney, Australia, the best SEO company in Australia, can help you directly increase organic traffic by creating & promoting strategic content that makes a big splash in your business niche.
More importantly, we will help you scale your traffic through the long run by optimising your content around high-traffic keywords and key phrases, setting up targeted lead magnets that grow your subscribers, and providing you with a successful marketing strategy for increasing social engagement.

Get More Leads

Getting traffic is just the first step toward your content marketing strategy. The next step is turning that traffic into qualified leads from consumers interested in what you’re selling. Our talented staff at Top4 Internet Marketing of Sydney will help you immediately increase the rate at which you convert visitors by removing distracting and non-interesting pieces from your content, and setting up targeted lead magnets designed to appeal precisely to your intended audience. Our team knows how to convert visitors into leads, and they can help you turn your blog into a lead generating machine.

Get More Customers

When you have traffic generated into qualified leads, those visitors are turned into customers. Customers buy your service or product, and we can help you build recurring organic traffic and a constantly growing list of leads for one reason and one reason only: getting you more customers. That’s why you’re here checking out Top4 Internet Marketing. Because Top4 is the best in Australia at increasing growth and revenue for our clients. We are the best in SEO, content, marketing, web design, social media development throughout Australia. If you want to build a long-term, scalable customer acquisition program, you’ve come to the right place.

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