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How long will it take Google to rank my website?

We will work hard to get you long-term organic rankings with the ultimate goal of getting more leads and sales to your business. The work we do will see you start to rank for longer tail variations of your main keywords quite quickly as we’re bringing your website up through the rankings for your main keywords. The length of time that it takes to have you rank in the #1 page for your main keywords will depend on the history of your website, the level of competition and the size of the package that you’re on with us search engine optimisation is a long-term commitment and should be part of your monthly marketing budget,anyone that tells you otherwise is an idiot! .

You will be provided with a monthly update and our team will work closely with you to monitor the progress.


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The Top4 office is in Australia and Indonesia and has strategic relationships with some of the largest
businesses and professionals Australia-Wide.Wherever your business is we can help.


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